China Sourcing Agent - for your Import from China
As the sourcing agent since 2001, we provide one-stop sourcing services specially for your buying in China. So that our customer import from China at a fair and reasonable price, the advantage to customers are time and cost saving, reduced risk, business from China more successful and more profitable.
Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers and Products
China Product Development Manufacturing
China Product Quality Control Inspection
China Quality Control Manufacturer
Coordination With Suppliers and Manufacturers
To Protect Exclusive Right in China
China Distribution Worldwide
China Warehouse Storage & Packaging Service

China Marketing Agency - for your export to China
For your China market entry strategy, we provide the real data and information on survey and objective analysis, our China Market Research report is valuable to your decision of China market investment. Moreover that, we also can be as your China Business Representative or Marketing Agency, assist you the China exhibition, follow up the business operation, seeking qualified Chinese Dealers and after-sale service. Fully support your business in China. Find and develop more sales agents and distributors in every region of China, to develop the market in whole China. Managing and controlling the prices level to all Chinese partners, help solve all matters of languages communication, coordination, distribution, storage, exclusive rights, etc for your business in China.
China Marketing Research - China Market Entry Strategy
China Marketing Service
Sales Agents and Distributors in China

China Distribution Service, China Warehouse Storage Service
We arrange the distribution transport for customers in the domestic, safe and timely delivery to the each destination. Strictly establish the accounts of goods in and out of the warehouse and check periodically, to give the clients an update report. So that clients have more secure storage of goods in China, it is a strong foundation and guarantee for the distribution market in China.

China Printing Packaging Service, China Warehouse Packaging Service
We provide the most competitive price with the best quality, environmental friendly printing and packages. And we can provide the packaging service in our warehouse with customers' package standard requirements, and directly deliver the goods to the clients or to the shops.