How can we buy reliable products at an inexpensive price from China?
Provide us with detailed product specifications and we will process our vast manufacturer database for the most appropriate candidate. After we have found a satisfactory match we will contact the manufacturer and initiate negotiations in order to obtain a competitive price.

How do you combine goods from different suppliers into one container?
We collect goods from each respective supplier and move everything into a single warehouse. We then load the combined goods and book a shipment with the forwarder. By request, we will record the loading process via photographs and issue a report for loading confirmation before proceeding with shipment.

How do you account for quality and quantity prior to a shipment?
If you have conducted business with the manufacturer through China Jy Resource, we will have already ensured that the production facilities are top notch, capable of manufacturing high quality goods. We have thoroughly audited the factory beforehand, to ascertain that they have a satisfactory quality management and control system. After the production has completed, our own quality assurance consultants will visit the factory to inspect the quality of the material, workmanship, and packaging of the merchandise. We will only release the shipment after we have received your nod of approval on the QC report.

We have our own design, how can we prevent it from being pirated? How can we transition into production?
Trust has to be established somewhere, and you can trust China Jy Resource to be your honest and sincere business partner. We will draft up an agreement to not copy or sell your intellectual property without explicit consent. Consequently, all of our associated manufacturers and suppliers will also refrain from any illegal reproduction of your designs.

We have a patented trademark, how can we find a reliable manufacturer for OEM?
We can assist you in acquiring a dependable OEM manufacturer. We audit producers and make an agreement with the most appropriate one. They cannot show, copy, or use your intellectual property illegally. We will help you register your trademarks and patents within China.

What is the fee for your services?
Our fee depends on the nature of your needs. We will offer you the most competitive price for our reliable services. With our assistance you have much more options.

What are the advantages of working with China Jy Resource?
We can save you invaluable time. Everything can be arranged so that your attention can be focused on more important things. We also reduce your expenses. China Jy Resource approaches local manufacturers directly in order to obtain the best prices. We ensure that all of your goods will be received without a glitch. We keep track of the entire business procedure so that samples and goods are delivered in time. Should anything happen, you will be the first to know. In addition, we may be commissioned to effectively develop your projects. When clients do it themselves, it consumes a great amount of time and money. In the end, they might not even be satisfied with their supplier's work. We are very experienced and understand how to efficiently develop projects and new products. With our expert assistance and your ideas, we create success.

How do we know if it is possible to sell our products in China? What is the realistic market size of our products?
We recommend intensive market research and trend analysis before attempting entry into the market. China Jy Resource has a professional team of analysts at your service, ready to complete those tasks for you.

If we attend exhibitions in China can we count on China Jy Resource for support?
Yes, we can provide you with ample support to organize an exhibition within China. We will plan the logistics to transport goods to your designated exhibition grounds as well as arrange for the preparation and construction of your booth. We assist during the exhibition by providing real time translation and enabling effective communications with China distributors. Our representatives will go through the list of contacts obtained during the event and follow up on potential business partners.

How can we safely stock our goods in China?
China Jy Resource provides legal logistic service contracts for your convenience. We can also arrange for the insurance of your stock and the transport for your goods.

How good is the local logistic service?
We can effectively organize various local logistic services within China. We provide efficient transport of goods to any location within China. We constantly update our warehouse stock and you will be have full access to our inventory information.

Is it possible to find a high quality product packaging service in China with good designs and low costs?
China Jy Resource very experienced in the printing and packaging field. We can arrange for superior quality printing and packaging for you here in China. By request, we can also incorporate environmental friendly packaging.

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