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We at China Jy Resource help overseas companies establish profitable business in China. We provide them the biggest support and convenience, assist them to do business in China more efficiently and more successfully. After some period cooperation with customers, they always find we are the more honest and best China business partner.

The services we provide include: China Sourcing Service, China Market Service, China distribution service, Warehouse Service, Printing Service and Packaging service.

Our Team of China Sourcing Service
As a China sourcing agent since 2001, and before that, we already start the trading business since 1997. We have a professional team assigned to sourcing, helping overseas companies purchase their products in China, sourcing and developing new products, controlling the quality of products, organizing logistics, and overseeing the purchasing process, until the products are safely shipped to the customers. We have the many years of sourcing service experience. Which includes knowledge about a wide range of products. We help our clients to purchase high quality and reasonably priced products from China. Our general sourcing services are as detailed below:
Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers and Products
China Product Development Manufacturing
China Product Quality Control Inspection
China Quality Control Manufacturer
Coordination With Suppliers and Manufacturers
To Protect Exclusive Right in China
China Distribution Worldwide
China Warehouse Storage & Packaging Service

We are responsible on the every part of our work, to seek the santisfied products and manufacturers and set up the business relationship each other, to develop the more competitive new products for customer's market, and help to protect customer's exclusive right and copyright, to arrange the producing in time and in order, and push the delivery in time. During the producing and after production, our QC people go to manufacturers to inspect the quality of products, to ensure the goods on shipment as the customer's quality standard. When the problem happen, we discuss with manufacturers to find the best solution for each part.

Our Team of China Market Service
We at China Jy Resource also provide Chinese market service. The Chinese market is thriving and has significant potential. Before our Clients make their business decisions, we provide the Chinese market research for their products or industry, assist them in attending the exhibitions in China, assist them in finding qualified China distributors, and communicate with these dealers regarding any business matters. We also provide the Chinese local logistic and warehouse services. We at China Jy Resource work diligently to ensure that our clients' business in China are running smoothly and developing well.
Thus, Our China Market Service involves China Market Research
China Market Operation
Seeking the qualified China distributors
China distribution, Warehouse Organizing and Management

Our philosophy – Honesty and reliability.
Our style of work – Responsibility, and with our best efforts.
Our goal – To develop your business in China successfully.
Our customer's advantage – Time and cost saving, safer business; by the professional services; China business more success.

Our company is located in Shanghai, a geographical location that offers access to many methods of convenient transportation. Our office is only 12km from the Pudong International Airport and 20km from downtown. We warmly welcome you to visit our office.

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