Cases of China Products Sourcing

Years of experience as a professional sourcing agent enables us to provide highly efficient and accurate sourcing services to clients. Our repertoire of product knowledge extends to a wide range of commercial goods. We do not limit the range of products in our sourcing work. Products that we have organized before include building material and equipment, hardware and tools, seasonal decoration, home decoration, fast food equipment, electric motor, as well as medical and healthcare equipment.

Initially, we study the market and ascertain the image that our product should project. We then source all relevant products from our manufacturer pool or acquire new contacts. Clients may commission the development of new products. We will work together with manufacturers, utilizing client side specifications as guidelines. During the clients' stay in China, we will escort them to visit manufacturers and discuss new project together. After the trip we will follow up on confirmed projects until it is completed and provide samples for the client's marketing program. If the client wishes to visit Canton fair, we will dispatch an escort and assist in the selection of new items. Detailed notes will be taken so that we may follow up on the selection and contact appropriate suppliers for speedy samples.

The lead time is undeniably important for seasonal products. Therefore, we track the order status every week for information such as packaging, quality assurance, as well as material and production arrangements. We proceed to send out proper documents and updated delivery schedules so that the clients are always well informed on the status of their products. We provide custom labeling and inner packaging service for clients that have their unique color label, hangtag, and window box designs. We can guarantee high quality, uniform results. We take extra care to inspect supplier packaging for fragile products such as ceramic, china, and glass. In the case where one order is insufficient to fill a container, we will collect products from various suppliers and consolidate them into a full container.

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