Home Decoration

Home Decoration

We have good experience in searching and organizing home decoration products such as :
Ceramic vase and decoration, Glass candle holder and decoration, Crystal glass decoration, Poly resin figures and decoration, Wooden lantern and wooden crafts
Natural rattan basket and decoration, River stone placemat and decoration, Metal arts and crafts, Outdoor furniture, Barbeque, Fire pit, ETC

First, we study and learn about the products style which meet your market, then we source the relevant products for you from our friendly cooperative manufacturers or search new qualified manufacturers.

We can also develop new items which could meet your market. If you give us your idea or design, we can work together with the manufacturers on both our combined projects.

For your trip in China, we accompany you on visits with the manufacturers, discussing the new projects together to develop your unique new season items. After the trip, we will follow up on the projects until everything is completed and send you samples for your marketing program.
If you visit Canton Fair, we can accompany you to select new items. We take notes so that we can follow up on the selection from the suppliers. With our assistance, you can receive the samples in time.

Home decoration business is also quite seasonal, so the lead time is always very important. For your orders, we will track the order procedure every week from material arrangement, producing arrangement, packaging, and quality check, up to shipment arrangement. We will send out documents and updated delivery schedule information, so you are informed on the status of your products.

Customers often have their own design for color label, hangtag, window box, etc. To have the same quality and uniformity of packaging, we can do the labels and inner packages and send to each supplier. For products that are easily broken such as ceramic, glass, etc, we thoroughly check the supplier's packaging quality.

When one order to one supplier does not fill in one container, we collect the products from different suppliers and consolidate them to fill a full container.

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