China Distribution Service, China Warehouse Storage Service

China Distribution Service, China Warehouse Storage Service

As a Chinese marketing agency, how do we handle logistics and distribution in China?
China has many large and small transport companies, but they can not provide clients with full-time service. We select the most reliable and cost-saving transport companies to accommodate client needs. Our tracking service makes us responsible for cargo security and timely delivery. When production has reached a certain stage, we begin establishing the logistics schedule to meet production deadlines and sales plans while controlling logistic costs. We provide clients with professional full-time service. Regularly updated reports of travel conditions help clients to wisely adjust production schedules. Efficient management of our warehouse makes for orderly storage of goods. We monitor the cleanliness of warehouse grounds while adjusting temperature and humidity settings accordingly. We maintain regulation fire safety facilities and keep insurance arrangements for all stocked merchandise. We diligently account for goods going in and out of our warehouse and double check periodically. We are responsible for the warehousing and distribution of goods in China and have signed accountability contacts. China Jy Resource arranges for the transport of domestic logistics and distribution according to the number of items shipped as well as the final route selection. We keep detailed records, including storage number, storage volume, and inventory date.

Our Logistic and Distribution Service on China Sourcing
In the introduction to our China Sourcing Service, we have already detailed the specifications of our logistic service and warehouse offer, please visit the webpage links below to review. China Distribution Worldwide , China Warehouse Storage & Packaging Service

Our Logistic Service on the transport
We can choose the proper way of transport to deliver the goods by sea, by air, by express. It is depending on the weight, volume of the goods, the cost of transport, the time of delivery schedule.

We contact the shipping company, whatever import or export, we all can recommend the cheap cost and reliable shipping line. If customer already has the agreement shipping agent, we follow the whole procedure, for the export products, from the loading, inland transport, customs clearance documents preparation, shipment sailing, shipment arrival, till customer pick up the goods. For the import products, from the customs documents preparation, customs inspection, picking up the goods, inland transport the goods to domestic warehouse, moreover, we deliver the goods to each domestic dealers in every region, provide the door to door service for the goods to be selling in China.
If the goods are little volume, we deliver it by express, we have the special discount price with the courier, by the same international express (such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS), we can arrange it with the lower cost, we trace the parcel from the parcel delivered till the customer get it.

On every stage of operation, we check if everything goes smoothly, any problem at a point, we solve it as quickly as possible.

With our logistic service, the cost of transport is lower, more safer, in time, and efficient.

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