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  • Everyone has become aware of how lucrative the China market can be. China maintains strong economic growth even during economic recessions in western countries. Many international companies have seen great success in the China market while reporting poor sales in markets hit by recession. While many foreign companies have shown great interest in the China Market, they do not know where to begin. How big is the actual market for our products? How are the competitors doing?
  • Sales Agents and Distributors in China
  • We can be viewed as your Chinese representative, dedicated to carrying out vital marketing activities on your behalf.
    In order to find qualified China distributors we sift through all relevant company profiles that match the client's criteria. We will proceed to contact these companies and visit them to evaluate whether or not they are the appropriate dealer for our purposes. We can conduct the due diligence survey or credit survey for your peace of mind. If everything checks out, we will arrange for a meeting to establish a working business relationship. Through our numerous Chinese dealer affiliations ...

The Chinese market is of great potential in new developing markets of the world. People want to start the China markets but always with these questions. How to sell in China? When to start? Is there a market for your products in China? What is the size of the potential market? Who is the competition? What is their success? We strongly suggest it is necessary to do the market research, according to the data and information on survey and objective analysis, you can make better decision. All the data and information provided from us are the real and proved.

Moreover that, we, as your China business representative, provide the marketing operation services, assist you the China exhibition, follow up the potential business, seeking qualified Chinese Dealers and do after-sale service. Fully support your marketing in China, as your China representative.

We stock the goods in Shanghai, and distribute the goods to whole China. Find and develop more sales agents and distributors in every region of China, to develop the market in whole China. Managing and controlling the prices level to sales agents, distributors, retailers and to the end consumers. With our services, all of the partners get your products in time and do business very conveniently in China with your company. So, we help solve all matters of languages communication, coordination, distribution, storage, exclusive rights, etc for your business in China.

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