China Marketing Research - China Market Entry Strategy

Why should foreign companies conduct China market research before their debuts?
Everyone has become aware of how lucrative the China market can be. China maintains strong economic growth even during economic recessions in western countries. Many international companies have seen great success in the China market while reporting poor sales in markets hit by recession. While many foreign companies have shown great interest in the China Market, they do not know where to begin. How big is the actual market for our products? How are the competitors doing? What are the market prices in China? To answer these questions, it is absolute necessary to conduct China market research. It is the China market entry strategy.

How do we conduct effective China market research?
We start by communicating with clients, for a better understanding of their industry as well as their associated product and specifications. We then discuss the major points of interest with our marketing team so that they may conduct a preliminary investigation. We present the agenda in the form of a proposal to the client for approval, detailing topics of research and the associated timeline. When approved, we will move forward with the agenda and carry out the research. All obtained information will be drafted into a formal report. We strive to ensure the truth in our data by only quoting from dependable sources.

Industry Research, Enterprise Survey, and Consumer Research
Industry research involves the approximation of the China Market size, current industry trends, and future growth trends. This provides our clients with a comprehensive snapshot of their industry health within China and determines the viability of market entry.

Enterprise survey can target competitors, customers, suppliers, or resellers. The research covers all aspects of the desired organization, such as company background, organization structure, human resources, and financial stability. Also included are product marketing details such as the pricing system, distribution, client base, sales performance, popular products, and more. From the surveyed company, you can clearly discern how they conduct their marketing and learn from their success while avoiding risk or loss. This valuable information assists you in making well informed decisions.

Consumer research helps us understand Chinese consumer behavior. It also lets us assess the China market and assist in new product development. You can accurately judge the receptiveness of the current market before an investment. Consumer research may be conducted via qualitative or quantitative methods.

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