China Marketing Service

China Marketing Service

Characteristics of the China Market
As a country of the new age economy, the China market is a major point of interest for businesses world wide. More and more companies wish to gain solid footing in this booming market with seemingly endless possibilities. However, when faced with an enormous potential market enveloped in a foreign setting, overseas businessmen are often at a loss and do not know how to effectively gain entry. The China market implements an operational model different from Western import export models. Normally, the importers and wholesalers distribute merchandise to retailers. In China, it is mandatory for merchants to have their own management team, tasked with the management and operation of the local Chinese market. They must also have a dedicated sales team tasked with the finding of China distributors and after sale services. It is required for companies to maintain local stock within China. This is meant to facilitate timely deliveries. In the Chinese domestic market, importers do not stock and distribute goods like Western countries. Merchants must keep stock in local warehouses.

Why clients require additional services to facilitate success in the China market
Because the China market is a completely different beast, overseas merchants who are ready to test the waters or have already waded in are confronted with much confusion. China Jy resource, as a Chinese domestic market service company, can provide much needed services and support to overseas businesses. We will assist you in everything from knowledge of the Chinese market to the survey and operation of the China market. With our expert advice, foreign companies are much more likely to enter the market effectively and succeed in their endeavors. Our market related services includes market research, exhibition service, market operation follow up, dealer management, after sale service, import service, logistic planning, and warehouse organizing.

China Market Research
We have the client fill out an advance market survey before engaging with the Chinese market. This detailed survey helps us pinpoint your potential competitors, Chinese market size, and the market price. Clients can then make an informed decision on the whether or not to enter the Chinese market and the mode of operation.

China Exhibition Service, Seeking Qualified China distributors
We will arrange for your participation in the China exhibition. China Jy Resource will help set up and dismantle your exhibition booth and set the groundwork required for your marketing ventures. The exhibition is an excellent resource for finding appropriate China distributors. Together, we will discuss terms with potential partners and research the quality of their work. We will help you establish mutually beneficial cooperative relationships.

Market Operation Follow-up, Management of China distributors, After-Sales Service
We analyze market prices, manage dealers, and suggest acceptable margins for these dealers. We supervise the dealers and ensure that they adhere to agreement terms. We also provide after sale services. When customers have questions, they can easily contact us for solutions.

Import, China Logistics Planning, China Warehouse Organization
We understand the proper channels for hassle-free import and we offer professional domestic logistic planning. We assist in warehouse management and handle customs clearance as well as delivery. China Jy Resource will take care of stocks. We will distribute them strategically to China distributors in various regions.

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