China Sourcing Agent - for your Import from China

Sourcing from China with us – cost-saving, safe and reliable procurement
With many years of experience as the sourcing agent, we are able to provide the professional sourcing service to customers. And we had already wealth of experience and product knowledge on wide range of products, we do not limit the range of products on our sourcing work.

In this era of information-opening, you may find your products suppliers via internet or some fair easily. But, If without the survey on the suppliers, and just start buying, that could be a lot of problems on the running of business, even it is a business risk.

In case of sourcing qualified manufacturers for our clients, we strive to ensure the dependability of the manufacturers in a number of ways. While we source the manufacturer, we visit the factory to check the quality of workshop organizing and management, our experienced QC people check the quality of material, producing, package on the whole procedure of production; before shipment, check the quality of final production packed, and the quality of loading into container.

To reduce the cost of buying in each aspects, we only source the manufacturers directly, not via trading company. Based on the quality in the safe, we select the manufacturers from the producing base where is strong at that products, check if the prices are the most competitive. We also can give the propose on the shipping lines to Customer's destination, which are lower freight charge in the good shipping route. And we can arrange the packages with one package producer for different manufacturers, so we also can reduce the packing cost and control the quality of packing.

As your China representative or china buying agent, we deal with all matters of business in China. Assist you source the good quality manufacturers, develop the products, arrange the producing, and control the quality till shipping out the goods in the safe, all procedure of the purchasing. With our help, your buying from China will be more cost-saving, more efficiency, more safe.

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