Coordination With Suppliers and Manufacturers

Coordination With Suppliers and Manufacturers

What type of problems frequently come between clients and their suppliers? What's the best way to avoid these problems? How do we coordinate with suppliers / manufacturers and resolve these issues?
1. Misunderstanding may be caused by the language barrier as well as incorrect or incomplete information passed between the client and the corresponding factory. These factors all contribute in causing deviations in the proper production procedure. To avoid these problems, we bind a contract with the manufacturer. This document will include a complete reiteration of information as well as exact product quality requirements. We retain an approved sample as the quality assurance reference. If the manufacturer has mistakenly produced the wrong products, we will discuss the terms and request for them to either reproduce or revise the products correctly.

2. After failing the quality assurance process, the factory is unable to improve or reproduce satisfactory replacements in time as per the client's specifications.
It is normally quite difficult to resolve the problem after production has completed. Therefore, prior to mass production, we require the manufacturer to provide one piece of sample for approval. We also visit production facilities during production for intermediate stage inspections. The key is to discover quality issues and resolve it immediately and eliminate post production hold up. We act to intervene, in the event where unavoidable quality problems occur during final production and it is impossible to fix things before the shipping deadline. China Jy Resource will hold discussions with the factory and client in order to come up with a solution that minimizes loss for both parties.

3. The client discovers quality issues after goods have already been received in their country. We provide details of the problem to the manufacturer, and ensure that they understand why it occurred. Possible solutions include discounts, if the client can sell the products at a cheaper value, replacement goods on the next shipment should be included to make up for the quantity that exhibited quality issues. Alternatively the poor quality goods may be returned for a new batch of replacement goods if the entire shipment displays serious quality issues and is not sellable. The final solution should be agreed on by both parties.

4. The suppliers could not deliver the goods in time as per the agreement. If the client claims that the delivery is delayed, we will assist in negotiations with the manufacturer. If there is indeed a delayed delivery, we will quickly investigate the reason for the delay and urge the manufacturer to finish with production ASAP. If the orders were placed to t the supplier through our official channels, we will take care to follow up on production arrangements, check incoming material, as well as all routine production procedures, so that we may predict future issues and resolve it together with the manufacturer for a timely delivery. If the manufacturer could not make the shipment as scheduled, we will inform the clients of the situation until we receive further updates.

5. A third party Chinese company uses the copyright, patent, or artwork from the client without permission. When the client discovers that their intellectual property is being circulated in such a fashion, we can help to mediate the situation. We will talk with the company in question and stop them from pirating in the future. If necessary, we will utilize the law to its fullest extent and deal with the guilty party severely. If the client makes purchases within China through our official channels, we will ensure that their intellectual property is properly protected. We make agreements with manufacturers before we conduct any form of business with them. We select the most reliable manufacturers to develop new products, and constantly check to ensure that the aforementioned agreement is adhered to.

6. The client made agreements with the supplier for exclusive market protection, but the supplier supplies to competitors. As a professional buying agent, we establish a close working relationship with the supplier. We ascertain that the terms of market protection is understood as per client's request. We will then draw up an agreement with the manufacturer on behalf of the client. We will closely monitor the supplier to ensure that the agreement is being respected.

As the buying agent, how can we help the client avoid problems?
We are very experienced in the field. We can fully comprehend clients' requests and do not undermine the importance of culture when it comes to international business. Fundamentally, we are still a local Chinese company. We possess in-depth knowledge on Chinese culture, language, and other associated factors. Years of cooperation with various Chinese manufacturers allow us to effectively coordinate between the manufacturer and the client. If disputes arise we can usually resolve it in a friendly manner and continue a healthy, cooperative relationship. However, we will quote the law if it becomes necessary.

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