China Quality Control Manufacturer

China Quality Control Manufacturer

China Jy Resource created Quality Control guidelines for all manufacturers in our quality management system. Manufacturers associated with us should have their own quality control department tasked with quality maintenance during the entire production procedure. Our main guidelines consist of Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-process Quality Control (IPQC), Final Quality Control, Quality Record, as well as feedback and handling of the quality problems.

1. Incoming Quality Control
This is a crucial QC step designed to seek and discard poor quality materials or spare parts. Inspection of incoming materials includes qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative portion may consist of inspection via visual cues, touch, and general comparison with approved samples. The quantitative portion utilizes precise measurements to check sizes and test equipment to align technical data. Based on the results of these methods we will then proceed to either accept the qualified products or reject the failed batches. We will consider accepting new batches if there are visible improvements. This requires another inspection of the revised products.

2. In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)
This is the ongoing monitoring of quality during the entire production period, initiated after incoming materials have been screened. QC professionals are required to visit workshops to instruct workers on each production procedure and to ensure that they have quality standards. There is to be an initial and final production inspection. The criteria that our QC consultants are looking for include production quality, technique requirements, machinery maintenance, a sanitary work environment, proper labeling, as well as safe tool and material placement. Detailed records are kept, to log the production facility's quality situation.

3. Final Process Quality Check (FQC)
This inspection is done after the production process has completed. Based on the results, our QC consultants will then decide whether or not the batch is acceptable for the next phase. The inspection is done strictly according to the quality standard as well as any client side specifications. Proper records and logs are kept.

4. Outgoing Quality Check
This inspection is performed prior to shipping. The same QC methods are in effect. If everything is in order, then the products are marked as qualified for outgoing shipments. Transport is otherwise delayed until issues have been resolved.

5. Feedback and handling of quality problems
With textbook problems, our QC consultants are authorized to act independently and instruct workers on proper handling of situations. More complex predicaments require the QC consultants to report to their manager before taking action. Proper logs should site the production stage, date and time, as well as the nature of each problem. This helps resolving the issue at hand and prevents future occurrences of similar incidents.

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