China Product Quality Control Inspection

China Product Quality Control Inspection

How do we perform Quality Control and Quality Improvement with manufacturers?
We audit to ensure that the production facility maintains quality assurance personnel or equipment on each production procedure, from raw material purchasing up until the finished product. Through our observation, we will advise the manufacturer on ways to improve its quality control system, if needed. China Jy resource deploys our own quality control specialists to manufacturers, for regular inspection of goods both during and after the production process, to ensure that the quality of goods meet the client's standards. Some of our criteria include performance, material quality, color and finishing, as well as size and specification. We deliver QC reports to clients with remarks of quality status and photos of production. We refuse shipments with serious product defects and require plant improvements that can assure qualified products before allowing further shipments. With the delivery term in mind, we will discuss with factories and attempt to resolve the quality issues in the shortest possible time. We also advise manufacturers on appropriate transport packaging to ensure the safe transport of goods. For instance, we generally utilize a strong carton box for packing and use pallet pack for easy loading and unloading. We are with the manufacturer every step of the way, helping to improve their quality management system and the overall quality of products.

Our Quality Check Procedure
1) Inspection after production

Experienced quality control consultants visit production facilities to verify the goods when an order is at least 80% complete. Our QC professionals scrutinize every part of the production and packaging process. After proper inspection, products that fail to meet our standards are cleared away. We then look to discover the reason for the problems immediately and work to create a solution as soon as possible. Meanwhile the Quality Check Report is delivered to the client. This consist of detailed product photos and corresponding remarks attached, iterating problems encountered, the quantity affected, and actions that we have taken. Further inspection is done after production and prior to shipment, to ensure that the client receives high standard products.

2) Quality check at the start of production and during production
QC at the start of production is conducted when the order is approximately10% underway. We visit the factory to check quality of the materials, spare parts, as well as the organization of production and its associated functions. It is imperative that the resulting quality is the same as the approve sample and as per the client's specifications. This early check in ensures that the production process is utilizing the correct methods and that the order is progressing as expected.

QC during production is performed when over 50% of the order is ready and the packaging process is beginning. We inspect the factory for semi-production as well as completed production. If quality issues are detected, we leave our remarks for improvement and report the situation to the client in advance. Once the client knows of the predicament, we can then work to resolve it together. During this stage, the package is inspected as, to ensure that it is safe and secure.

3) Production Quality Management
This technique aims to manage the entire production period. Our QC consultants remain in the factory beginning at the start of production and work from there, in order to inspect the entire production procedure to ascertain the overall quality and to pinpoint issues so that the client may be informed and action may be taken.

4) Loading Container Inspection
At the designated loading location, we initially inspect to ensure that the container is solid with no embellishes. If everything is in optimal condition, we then allow workers to begin loading the goods, while monitoring that they are doing so correctly.
Once we have ensured that the transport is stable, we double check the quantity with the order. We proceed to seal the container if there are no issues.

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