China Distribution Worldwide

China Distribution Worldwide

We consider it very important to have an organized and efficient distribution operation from China, so that our clients may receive goods in the most cost effective and timely fashion.

How does the Logistic Service and our Distribution worldwide Service improve your buying experience in China?
Quite often suppliers do not provide the proper information to clients concerning the current production status. When they encounter problems such as bad weather, quality control issues, and other setbacks that may affect the delivery time, they fail to report to their clients. When the client finds out about the delayed delivery time, it is already too late to resolve the problem.

China Jy Resource prevents these misunderstandings. After the client places orders, we follow up to track the delivery time, and provide comprehensive reports to clients regarding the production status. In the event where the delivery time is delayed, we will inform clients in advance and work to improve the situation by coordinating with the supplier. We also arrange and book the correct shipments with the client's shipping company, check freight charges, or recommend alternative low cost shipping routes if applicable. We provide the service of consolidating mixed quantities of merchandise from various sources into one shipment container and the efficient organization of domestic transport. We work to ensure that the client receives the full shipment documents in time for merchandise pickup.

Whatever any country you are from, we can help you distribute the goods worldwide from China, arrange the shipments to your country and any other countries, even shipments to your clients directly. It save your logistic costs, and you can directly invoice to your clients.

How do clients fair without our Logistic Service?
Without a dependable logistic service clients may have difficulty handling shipment consolidation and suffer from delayed deliveries. Lack of solid information on production status and un-updated shipment reports will also be an issue.

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