Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers and Products

Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers and Products

Characteristics of Chinese Manufacturers
Chinese manufacturers are quite numerous and are distributed across large regions. However, they are not all created equal. There are considerable differences in quality grades. Factories categorized in different quality and price ranges each have their individual strengths. In addition, these production facilities tend to be heavily tied to regional properties, and this is reflected in their products. China Jy Resource is very familiar with the industrial strengths of each region. With this already established understanding of geography, we are able to focus solely on designated areas and find the most desirable manufacturing partner.

Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers
In an era where digital information is in abundance, you can readily find product suppliers through the internet. However, buying without a proper survey or background check on the prospective suppliers can lead to many issues, and in extreme cases, may even jeopardize your business.
In order to determine whether a manufacturer is deemed qualified for our clients, a thorough screening process is executed. Scouting visits are made to the candidate's factory for on-site inspection of workshop organization and management.

What qualities are we looking for in manufacturers? How does sourcing assist in finding the appropriate one?
We start by contacting the owner as well as associated managers of the manufacturer. Through effective communication, we will be able to judge whether they are reliable business partners. We then ascertain the effectiveness of the manufacturer's quality control system. If the factory is well organized, and the production management meets the ISO quality system standard, we will then consider them for cooperation.

Our long term manufacturer partners
In the course of many years of sourcing work, we have established healthy cooperative relationship with hundreds of Chinese manufacturers that specialize in a wide range of products. We have witnessed some of these associates undergo massive expansions, from a small workshop to a professional leading manufacturer. During such period, we help and guide their producing management, advising them on ways to improve their quality management system.

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