China Product Development Manufacturing

China Product Development Manufacturing

How do we as a sourcing agent help with new product development and create synergy between clients and manufacturers?
We initially start by learning about the client's products and marketing methods, to analyze and understand the client's practical needs. After we have ascertained this, we then look to plausible Chinese manufacturers for relevant products, or advise the manufacturers on how to create a new product that meets the client's target market.

addition, we are able to cater specifically to the client's style and design. China Jy Resources works with manufacturers to develop tailored new products, discuss production technology issues, and then provide resulting samples for client inspection.

In order to scout new products, we visit the Show in China. Representatives can also be dispatched to accompany clients to the Show. The escort is also available for accompanying clients to visit manufacturers.

Why Employ China Jy Resource as your Dedicated Sourcing Agent for Product Development?
Through effective communication to the manufacturers, we can ensure greatly reduced misunderstandings or avoid them all together. Through properly translated specifications and requirements we help promote the success of product development. We monitor the ongoing progress to ensure that manufacturers are able to produce new samples prior to deadlines.

As a professional sourcing agent, we thoroughly evaluate various production facilities' technical capability, production quality, and other crucial factors. We will then come to a verdict and select the most qualified manufacturer for the development of the new product. With the communication bridge successfully gapped, it is now easy to fully focus on business that matters.

The newly developed sample is scrutinized under a fine microscope before being presented to clients. We proceed to discuss methods of improvement with the manufacturer should it need to be remade. This process is repeated until we are completely satisfied with the new sample. We then forward the sample to the client for approval. Our assistance saves much time and costs on new product development while encourages innovation during such developments.

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