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China Jy Resource is a highly specialized service medium that primarily caters to foreign companies and acts as their dedicated Chinese business agent within the People's Republic of China. We offer essential business services, including China logistics and warehousing service, sourcing service, market analysis, as well as a printing and packaging service. These services are interrelated in overlapping areas. Our sourcing and market analysis functions are quite often supported by our reliable logistics and warehousing operation. Printing and packaging is a ubiquitous service that encompasses a broad spectrum of practical business applications, and we have honed and streamlined it into a highly efficient process.

Regardless of whether you are importing or exporting goods, China Jy Resource is the catalyst that can catapult you onto the fast track for success. We are sincere, experienced, and highly professional.

Our Sourcing - cost-saving, safe and reliable procurement
Our sourcing is cost effective, safe, and reliable. Years of experience in the field has equipped us with the tools and know-how to provide professional and effective sourcing services to clients. With an already established database on a large variety of products for background knowledge, we have no restrictions on the range of products for our sourcing work.

Our professional and experienced QC (Quality Control) team is responsible for assuring the quality of the material from production all the way to shipment. Packaging and loading of the final product is also taken into account. To significantly reduce the cost of buying from third parties, we opt to source manufacturers directly and thus bypassing trading companies. From candidates that have successfully passed the screening, we choose manufacturers with the most competitive prices and highest quality products and then nominate them to the client. China Jy Resource can also advise prospective clients on the most efficient shipping routes between two locations, significantly reducing freight expenses. We recommend retaining a dedicated packaging provider for all associated manufacturers, to reduce overall packaging cost and effectively monitor packaging quality.

If China Jy Resource is to become your designated Chinese representative, we would act diligently to help facilitate all your business affairs within China. As your informed buying agent, we can guide you in all aspects of the purchase, starting from securing the best manufacturers up to when the goods are safely shipped. With our assistance, conducting business in China will be proven to be far more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.

Our China Market Service - to provide the knowledge of China market
In order to successfully transition into an unfamiliar market, it is crucial to first understand its underlying properties. As your chief representative in the Chinese market, we can provide you with a real time snapshot of current market conditions. How big is the actual demand for a product in the potential Chinese market? What's the best way to enter a market with already established and matured competitors? Where are all the viable merchandise distributors and outlets located? There is an abundance of information up in the air, and China Jy Resource can help you distinguish the important data from superfluous flotsam. Our enormous logistics and warehousing network span across the country. This allows you to stock products in safety and then redistribute merchandise to select outlets and dealers in each region.

Our enormous logistics and warehousing network span across the country. This allows you to stock the products in safety and redistribute merchandise to select outlets and dealers in each region.

Our packaging and printing service enables you to pack goods locally. This process is both cost effective and convenient.

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