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China Sourcing Agent – for your Import from China
China Marketing agency - for your export to China
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China Business Service

We at China Jy Resource help overseas companies establish profitable business in China. We provide them the biggest support and convenience, assist them to do business in China more efficiently and more successfully. After some period cooperation with customers, they always find we are the more honest and best China business partner.

As the sourcing agent since 2001, we provide one-stop sourcing services specially for your buying in China.
  • China Product Development Manufacturing
  • Fully understand customers' needs, our merchandising people communicate with manufacturers on the technician and producing matters. Sample inspection and report prior to shipping the sample.
  • China Product Quality Control Inspection
  • Fully inspect the materials, semi-production, final production and packages, QC report to customers, to discuss and solve the problems quickly. Looking for the way to improve the quality and value.
  • China Quality Control Manufacturer
  • Quality control management to factory's workshop on the whole producing process, from raw material coming, in process, final process, till outgoing. Feedback and handling of quality problem.
  • Coordination With Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Proper communication without misunderstanding, find the cause of problem, then find the solution and negotiation. Regularly tracking the producing to avoid the problem happen, or prior to find the problem.
  • To Protect Exclusive Right in China
  • Registration your trademark and copyrights in China. Making the agreements with manufacturers and supervise them. It is our promise, we are your reliable advocate.

  • China Distribution Worldwide
  • Ship the goods to any country of customer request. Keep customer informed of the shipping schedule. Combine shipments from multiple factories to reduce logistic costs.
  • China Warehouse Storage & Packaging Service
  • Convenient location at the logistic center of China. Inspect outbound shipments for proper packing and arrange transport. Arrange for safe storage and shipment consolidation as needed.
Fully supporting services for client's market activities in China. Marketing research for the strategy of China market entry. Finding the Chinese dealers to set up the sales net in whole China and manage them. And after sale service as your China representative.
  • Sales agents and Distributors in China
  • Find the Chinese dealers to set up the sales net in whole China, maintain contact with Chinese dealers, support and manage the Chinese dealers. After the sale service –
    provide technical and marketing support to dealers.
  • China Marketing Service
  • Continue market research to maintain prices levels and monitor competition's activities. Assist you the Exhibition in China and help the marketing operation. And China import services.
It is a strong foundation and guarantee for the distribution market in China, you should have more secure storage of goods in China. We are full responsible on the warehousing and distribution. And we update report the warehouse inventory to you.
We arrange the professional quality printing and packaging. Pack the imported merchandise in China warehouse, at a lower cost for packaging and reduced ocean transport costs.

*Our philosophy
- is to be an honest and reliable advocate of your business interests in China.

*Our work Ethic
- is to apply our best efforts to help you succeed in China.

*Our goal
– is to develop your business objectives in China at a fair and reasonable cost.

*Our customer's advantage
- Time and cost saving
- Reduced risk
- Professional services centrally located
- Your business in China is more successful and more profitable